About PockeUp

PocketUp is a customer data analytics platform that enables businesses and service providers to engage, activate and reward their customers using a powerful and effective marketing methods.

Our AI platform is designed with a customed deep data analytics tools on breakdown customers behaviour and their purchasing habits in order to upgrade the product/service provided wich lead into a better retention.



Live Customer Database

PocketUp offers a highly adaptive location-based database of customers. Thus, allowing your business to identify close by leads, their classification and spending habits.

Customized Data Analytics

PocketUp will log your customer visit and their habits both in your store and within other stores within the platform. Thus, giving clear detailed insights into potential leads you should pursue through your marketing campaigns.

Targeted Marketing Channels

Once you have idintified the correct leads, PocketUp will help you reach and engage those leads to convert them into loyal customers and eventually brand ambassadors to your business.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

PocketUp coalition program empowers you to expand the reach of your current products/services at a significantly reduced customer acquisition cost.


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Our Three months pilot program will demonstrate to you how our solution works to provide you with smart analytics about your clients, and how to best target them in order to generate more sales.

In-depth stats

about customers purchasing behavior allowing more efficient promotions.

Boost more sales

with happier customers for a better Customer Retention Rate.

Cost efficient loyalty program

even when you have an existing one, our solution would be synchronized so you can benefit from the other features

Coalition with strategic partners

for an efficient Customer Acquisition Rate.

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جهود وفوائد لكل من العملاء والشركات


جهود وفوائد لكل من العملاء والشركات

  • جميع بطاقات الولاء (المكافآت) في مكان واحد
  • القدرة على الحصول على أقصى استفادة من نقاط مكافأة الولاء
  • أرسل مكافآت إلى عائلتك واستبدلها مع الأصدقاء من أجل المتعة

كن شريك معنا

كن شريك معنا ، فإن الانضمام إلى بوكيت أب سيكون مفيدًا لك.

فوائد الشراكة

حلول ذكية تساعدك في:

  • زيادة المبيعات.
  • إحصائيات متعمقة حول سلوك شراء العملاء مما يتيح المزيد من العروض الترويجية الفعالة.
  • الشراكة مع شركاء استراتيجيين لاكتساب العملاء.



بوكت أب

Behind the scenes

It took us months of hard work and studying existing platforms, figuring out how to tweak them and create the perfect solution that ensures a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Here are our talented team who brought to you PocketUp:

The Team